KVG Quartz Crystal Technology GmbH

Experience and innovation

KVG Quartz Crystal Technology GmbH

KVG, worldwide leading at R&D and Manufacturing of Crystals, Oscillators and Crystal Filters. 60 years Know-How of Frequency Controlled Products in addition to ongoing innovation with regard to production and business-processes are the basis of KVG's leadership. A close partnership with customers lead to unbeatable solutions. Besides the wide range of Crystals, Crystal Filters and Oscillators KVG offers excellent logistic service.

KVG's applications focus the area of the telecommunication nets like ATM, SDH, SONET, mobile systems like GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, 3 gs and UMTS and electronic measuring technology. All these areas require high precision to protect reliability and long life span around a high system availability.

Website: www.kvg-gmbh.de



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